Are Bedtime Snacks Bad For You

Are Bedtime Snacks Bad For You? Truth Revealed

Many of us love snacks a lot. Sometimes you can be one of those people. Of these people, one question many ask is, Are Bedtime Snacks Bad? You can eat bedtime snacks.

However, some studies have shown that people who eat bedtime snacks are more likely to be overweight and obese.

So if you are a person who likes bedtime snacking or it has become a habit then, definitely read this blog because I’m going to tell you here a lot of things you need to know about bedtime snacking.

Why do people eat bedtime snacks?

People are aware of the need to eat dinner very early. Therefore, many people eat dinner very early. Of course, it’s a good thing. But when it comes to not going to sleep at the right time, it becomes a problem.

This means that people eat dinner very early and, then spend a lot of time watching television or using mobile and computer without sleep.

When this happens, the dinner you eat will be digested and, you will feel hungry again.

Therefore, you will have to eat again to quench your hunger. Because you ate dinner early, you will eat any snacks you have. You often forget that eat earlier is for getting to bed earlier.


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This is one of the reasons why a group of people has bedtime snacks.

Another category of people eat bedtime snacks for pleasure while watching TV or playing on mobile. While people in the first category eat bedtime snacks out of hunger, those in the second category only eat for a time pass.

I know a lot of my friends, they go to the shops in the evening to buy some bakery or something and eat it after dinner at night while playing video games or watching movies.

They say that many days they eat these snacks and play video games without sleeping at night.

This is not only the condition of my friends but the condition of a lot of people.

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Are bedtime snacks bad?

You can eat bedtime snacks. But some things can make them harmful to your body. That is, it can be said based on what snacks you eat and when you eat them.

Are Bedtime Snacks Bad For You
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A study of 19687 women between the ages of 40 and 74 in Japan found that 22% of women regularly ate bedtime snacks at night and that most of them were obese and overweight.

The study also found that people who regularly eat bedtime snacks after dinner tend to skip breakfast. All of these problems come when you eat snacks that are very heavy or take a long time to digest.

As such, the time you take snacks also plays a role in making you sick.

Are you confused? Let me tell you very simply. The nutritionist says that it takes at least 3 hours to digest the dinner you eat at night. Going to bed after eating and before digesting them is one of the things that can cause you health problems.

This is one of the reasons why doctors and nutritionists tell you to eat dinner as early as possible. But not sleeping for a long time after dinner can make you feel hungry again.

Many people eat dinner very early and go to bed at 12 and 1 o’clock.

Therefore, in such cases, you will feel hungry again and, you will have to eat snacks just before going to bed. Therefore, in such cases, you will feel hungry again and, you will have to eat snacks just before going to bed.

You can eat some healthy snacks just before going to bed. But many people eat snacks at that time which are foods that take a long time to digest.

Diabetes and obesity problems are more common in people who eat bedtime snacks that take a long time to digest, too late after dinner.

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So if you are eating bedtime snacks, be sure to eat healthy and easy-to-digest snacks. Also, do not eat just before going to sleep.

Why do I need a bedtime snack?

If you are a person with gas trouble problems, you may need bedtime snacks. This is because people who eat dinner early at night and go to bed very late may feel hungry after dinner.

Not eating at that time may cause people with gastrointestinal problems to overdo it.

It is best to eat bedtime snacks for such people. So, if you are a person with gastric problems, it is best to eat dinner early and go to bed early, or if you go to bed late, of course, eat only light easy to digest bedtime snacks.

Do bedtime snacks help you sleep?

Bedtime snacks can indeed help you sleep better at night. But not all bedtime snacks help improve your sleep. Eating foods that take a long time to digest as bedtime snacks can increase your risk of losing sleep.

Therefore, depending on the snacks you choose, your sleep may improve or worsen.

Almonds, Kiwi, Tart cherry juice, Fatty Fish, Walnut, and Bananas are some of the best bedtime snacks you can eat. Almonds contain a lot of magnesium. Studies show that magnesium helps you calm down.

Therefore, eating Almonds, a magnesium-rich food, as a bedtime snack will help you sleep better.

Kiwi is one of the best healthy fruits to help you eliminate oxidative stress. So you can eat kiwi fruit as a bedtime snack. Fatty fish is a healthy food that helps you control your mood changes.

Therefore, eating fatty fish as a bedtime snack on stressful and anxious days can help improve sleep.

So, eating these healthy and easy-to-digest bedtime snacks can help improve your sleep. Therefore, instead of unhealthy bedtime snacks, try to include healthy bedtime snacks in your diet.

What time should I eat my bedtime snack?

If possible, try to eat bedtime snacks an hour before bedtime. That is the best time. This is because the bedtime snacks you eat take about an hour to digest. It is not good to sleep before digesting snacks.

So try to eat bedtime snacks at least one hour before bed.

But, you can take some snacks just before bed like one class milk. This is because milk can be digested very quickly. So, in short, adjust the time according to how long it takes for your bedtime snacks to digest.

The ideal time for bedtime snacks is one hour before bed.

Is it bad to go to bed hungry?

You are asleep but, your cell repairing and muscle creation are going on. Although you may not know it, many internal organs in your body are working during your sleep. Your body needs energy for these activities.

Food is your main source of energy. So, if you are going to bed hungry what will happen? Your body may not be able to find the energy it needs to function. If you go to bed hungry, you feel difficult to fall asleep.

Also, when you wake up in the morning, you will feel tired.

Another amazing effect of go to bed hungry is gain weight. This is caused by excessive hunger in the morning. Sleeping hungry at night can make you feel very hungry in the morning.

So, there is a possibility to eat lots of food in the morning.

So, if you feel hungry when go to bed eat something light and easy-to-digest foods.

The Bottom Line

Bedtime snacks are good if the food is healthy and easy to digest otherwise, it will harm your health

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