Hypothyroidism High TSH-Causes and Symptoms-The Complete Review-2021

Hypothyroidism High TSH-Causes and Symptoms-The Complete Review-2021

Thyroid-stimulating hormone is the hormone that produces thyroxin. It is a pituitary hormone that the actual producer of triiodothyronine is delivering metabolism to every part of your body. 

The thyroid hormone is one of the main hormones in our body. It is needed for many functions in your body. 

It will help you to protect your heart from a heart attack. It is also important to brain development and Improvements of your bone. 

But, if the level of thyroid hormone is not accurate then, it will cause several medical conditions in your body.

Hypothyroidism High TSH

If the level of thyroid hormone goes high, it is called hyperthyroidism and, if the level goes down, it is called hypothyroidism. So today we discussing hypothyroidism high TSH.

What is thyroid high TSH?

TSH stands for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. Some Peoples have a low TSH level and, some have high TSH. 

The normal TSH level of a healthy human is 0.5 to 5.0 mlU/L. If the level of TSH goes below 0.5 mlU/L, it is called thyroid high TSH or hypothyroidism. 

We can say it is the condition that the thyroid does not produce enough thyroid hormone that your body needs.

What happens when TSH is high?

If a person’s thyroid TSH level is high, it means he couldn’t get enough thyroid hormones. 

It will lead to several health problems such as uncontrollable weight gain, dry skin, and fatigue, etc. We will discuss in detail the side effects of high TSH levels later.

What causes a sudden increase in TSH levels?

Your neck contains a part called the thyroid gland. It is the part that, paly a major role in the creation of metabolism and overall growth and development of your body. 

One of the main reasons for the sudden increase in TSH levels is the infection or inflammation in the thyroid gland. 

When you experience a sudden increase in your TSH levels, then consult a doctor and check your thyroid gland is infected or inflamed.

High TSH Symptoms and Signs

If your thyroid-stimulating hormone is high, your body shows several symptoms and signs. The main symptoms and signs of high TSH levels are following.

  • Tiredness
  • Constipation
  • Slow heart rate
  • Depression
  • Weight gain
  • Swell neck
  • Dry skin
  • Fatigue


Feeling tired is one of the main symptoms of high TSH levels. A high TSH level makes you feel lazy and week. You can’t do anything with energy. 

Your energy goes very down. You can’t enjoy anything in your life because you are tired always. Tiredness comes with many reasons. 

Sometimes, you don’t eat well or don’t sleep well the night makes you feel tired but, without any reason, always you feeling more week and tired, then check out your TSH level may it is the cause.


Constipation is one of the symptoms of thyroid TSH level. We know constipation is a sign of a lot of health problems. But it also a symptom of high TSH. 

So if you feel abnormal difficulty in passing stool, then consult your doctor and check your thyroid TSH level. 

Remember one thing constipation does not always the symptom of high TSH but, it may be.

Slow heart rate

A high thyroid-stimulating hormone causes a slow heart rate. The normal resting heart rate of a healthy man is 60 to 100 beats per minute. 

But if you have a high TSH level, then it goes very low. The normal resting heart rate of a hypothyroid patient is 10 to 20 beats per minute. 

It is too low and too dangerous. So if you have a very low heart rate per minute, then consult a doctor and check out where you have a high TSH level.


One of the main symptoms of high TSH levels is depression. Hypothyroidism is a condition that decreased the number of thyroid hormones in your body. 

Because of the low hormones, your mood will change adequately and, your mind builds symptoms of depression in your body. Partially it leads to complete depression.

Weight gain

Unhealthy Weight gain is another symptom of high TSH. Weight gain a good thing but gain lots of weight is not a good thing. 

Gain lots of weight for many reasons sometimes it causes because of your bad food habits. 

But if you are experiencing gain lots of weight unexpectedly then, it may be a symptom of high TSH.

Swell neck

The thyroid gland is located in your throat. If you have any problems with the thyroid hormone, it will affect your throat or the front side of your neck. 

A swelling neck is one of the main symptoms of high TSH levels. The swelling neck is also one of the symptoms of thyroid gland cancer. 

So if you experience any difficulty in that part, then don’t wait to consult a doctor.

Dry Skin

Dried skin also often a symptom of high TSH levels. Some of the people who have high thyroid-stimulating hormones may experience very dry skin. 

So care about this symptom.


Fatigue is another symptom of high thyroid-stimulating hormone levels. Fatigue is a state that your energy low very low and you feel tired. 

Fatigue peoples don’t have an interest in things. They always become an introvert. So if you experience this, check out your thyroid.

Thyroid high TSH pregnancy

Thyroid high TSH or hypothyroidism is common in pregnant women. It not only affects the pregnant women but also the unborn child. 

It is common in women who have thyroid patients in her family. Hypothyroidism is more dangerous than hyperthyroidism in pregnancy.

What should I eat if my TSH is high?

Foods are the main thing that affects our body and mind very much. If you eat healthy foods, it will give you good results and, if you eat unhealthy foods, it will also give you bad results. 

So food can decide about your health or early death. There is a lot of healthy food have to eat like that, there are a lot of unhealthy foods also have. You can decide what you want.

If you have high thyroid-stimulating hormones, then some foods you need to avoid and some foods you need to eat. 

The healthy food that helps you to balance the thyroid-stimulating hormone is following

Healthy foods to eat

Healthy drinks

You can drink healthy drinks like lemon water, coconut water. Avoid soft drinks or artificial beverages and also avoid coffins.

Whole grains and seeds

Whole grains and seeds are best for high TSH levels. If you want to lower high thyroid-stimulating hormones, then try to include some seeds and whole grains in your daily diet.

Diary Products

Make sure to eat some dairy products like milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, etc. They are very helpful to lower high thyroid-stimulating hormones.

All fruits

You can eat any type of fruit. Eat fruits how much you can. How much you eat that much you will be benefited.

Whole eggs

Eggs are the best source of protein that helps you to lower hypothyroidism. You can eat the whole eggs. But don’t overeat the egg yolk. 

You can safely eat 3 or 4 egg yolk in a week.

Oliy Fish

All fishes are best for lower hypothyroidism but, oily fish is more recommended. Because by eating oily fish you will get lots of health benefits.


Vegetables are always good for your mental and physical health. You can eat any type of vegetables without any restrictions excluding, broccoli and cauliflower. 

Vegetables are the best food to eat to lower hypothyroidism. So make sure to eat vegetables every day.

Foods Rich in Vitamin B

Food that rich in vitamin B is best to lower hypothyroidism. Vitamin B is the key to regulate energy in your body and also balance your hormone levels. 

And Vitamin B is a must need for better thyroid function. So you need to add more vitamin B foods to your daily diet. 

Vitamin B is rich in foods like dark green vegetables, meat and liver, and kidney, etc. So make sure to add any kind of Vitamin B-rich foods to your diet.


Iodine is best to function your thyroid more properly. According to the U.S Institute of Medicine, the recommended average intake of iodine is 150micrograms per day. 

Yogurt, tuna, plums are some of the iodine-rich foods that you can eat.

Food to avoid

Broccoli and cauliflower

Broccoli and cauliflower are the vegetables that affect hypothyroidism very badly. So avoid the foods in this family.

Fried Foods

All types of fried foods are bad for hypothyroidism. So do not eat fried foods if you have high thyroid-stimulating hormones.


Chocolates are another food that you need to avoid if you have hypothyroidism or high thyroid-stimulating hormone. It will affect badly in your thyroid gland.

All processed foods

Any types of processed foods and bakes bad for hypothyroidism. It always harmful to your body so, keep a limit on it.


The coffin is another food that you need to avoid to lower high thyroid-stimulating hormones. So stop the habit of drinking lots of coffin drinks.


Never drink alcohol. It not only affects your thyroid but also affects the whole body and mind. So never drink alcohol if you don’t have thyroid problems. 

And it is more important to avoid lowering high thyroid-stimulating hormones.

Can stress affect TSH levels?

Stress is more common nowadays. Peoples are stressing about their job, future, and health also. But stress not give you any benefits but it causes more health problems. 

So stress affects TSH level. Cortisol is the hormone that produces when you stressful. Stress slows down the function of your thyroid gland. 

So think about if you have a high thyroid-stimulating hormone. It affects more and more badly. So try or learn to manage stress.

Can anxiety raise TSH levels?

Anxiety also affects your thyroid badly like, the stress effect. Anxiety and stress are like two sides of one coin. 

If you have stressed, it will cause anxiety-like that if you have anxiety, it will cause stress. 

The two things affect high thyroid-stimulating hormones very badly. So try to practice meditation and breathing techniques.

Can lack of sleep affect TSH levels?

Sleep is very important as we eat. Our body needs at least 7 to 8 hours a day. And the best time to give the rest to your body is night. Sleep at night is very important. 

If you don’t get enough sleep, that will affect your thyroid-stimulating hormone very badly. Lack of sleep at night will cause low metabolism and also fatigue. 

It leads you to hypothyroidism. So if you already have high thyroid-stimulating hormones, then lack of sleep at night will affect your thyroid worse.


Hypothyroidism or high thyroid-stimulating hormone is a situation that your thyroid does not produce enough thyroid hormone in your body. 

It is a common medical condition and a little serious. So, in this article, I included all about hypothyroidism including thyroid high TSH, Symptoms and Causes, food to eat and food to avoid, etc. 

You can get all information needed about hypothyroidism. And we will write next about hyperthyroidism as fast much as possible. 

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