Is it normal for a child to talk in their sleep?

Sleep talking is a very common thing. Studies show that 50% of children age between 3 to 7 have this problem. This is called Somniloquy.

So today we are going to discuss that, is it normal or a big problem. So let’s start.

Talking during sleep is very common to everyone. Not only children but this problem is also found in 5% of adults and even some people at the age of 25.

So firstly you need to understand is, this is not a big problem that needs treatment.

Especially in children, this is very common. You don’t need to worry when your child talks during sleep. Talking during sleep doesn’t do anything harmful to them.

But you have to worry when your child walking during sleep. The chance of this problem is high in children who have to talk during sleep. So if you notice a problem like this you need to consult a doctor.

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 Is it normal for a child to talk in their sleep?

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Is talking in sleep a disorder?

Sleep talking is a sleep disorder. It is called Somniloquy. But, this is not a serious sleep disorder like Insomnia, Sleep apnea. In many people, this lasts a short period.

This is happening after some time when a person goes to bed. Some people talk for a short period like seconds. But the funniest thing is that some people talk for minutes and often respond to your questions.

I have had this problem till I am 16 to 17 years old. I have lots of funniest moments with this problem. But, I was don’t talk in sleep every day. But I was talking in sleep often.

 Is it normal for a child to talk in their sleep?

I was going to sleep early at night and, my mother said when I start talking in sleep, all my family comes to me and starts asking questions.

I answer them but, the answers don’t have any connection with the question they asked.

When I wake up after sleep I didn’t have any idea about this incident but, they always laugh by thinking about the answers I was given to them. So take this problem as simple. Sleep talking is not a health problem.

What causes sleep talking?

Unscheduled Sleep Pattern

One of the main causes of sleep talking is unscheduled sleep patterns. This is very common at this time.

We are all in a pandemic period and, most of the places are under lockdown. So, this is taken control of our daily activities.

According to a study on adults conducted by BMC Public Health, compared to before covid 19, sleep hygiene of adults has been affected adversely after Covid 19.

Another study conducted by NIH about changes in sleep patterns during covid 19 shows that there is a significant change in sleeping time in many people.

Many people are going to sleep very late at night and, waking up very late.

It means, people, sleeping in the daytime more than at night. The sudden changes in the sleep cycle will affect adversely your circadian rhythm. This can be because of sleep talking disorder.

Emotional and Mental Stress

This is the main cause of sleep talking and all other sleep disorders. We all living in a competitive world. Everyone competes with each other. So, stress and anxiety are very common today.

Mental health is taking a big role in your sleep quality. If your mind is filled with stress and anxiety, you can’t find a night of peaceful sleep. And you have more chances of sleep disorders.

Studies show that sleep apnea is found in people who have sleep talking disorders. So, scientists believe that sleep apnea may be causing sleep talking.

So you have to learn to deal with anxiety and stress. Otherwise, sleep talking and other sleep disorders may be your companions.

Hereditary disorder

In many cases sleep talking comes as a genetic disorder. When parents have sleep talking problems, then the more chances of sleep talking disorder in their children have it.

So, chances of genetic problems are marked as causes of sleep talking disorder.

Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol is another common cause of sleep talking disorder. Nowadays, people are more addicted to alcohol. A study shows that 66% of 14-17 years old young adults are addicted to alcohol.

When it comes to an alcoholic, the chances of sleep talking is high. Because when you drink alcohol, it makes you insane and, you start to talk during your sleep. But people can’t understand what you say at that time.


Fever is the most common cause of sleep talking disorder. Everyone may have experienced it sometimes in someday. When we have a high fever, then we start to talk in our sleep unconsciously.

If you ask your parents or any one of your family, they said to you about this. Because if you have a high fever, you can’t know if you talk in sleep. So you need to ask about it with the one who closes to you.

Is there any treatment for sleep talking?

Unfortunately, there is no treatment for sleep talking. Because it is not a health problem. It doesn’t do any bad health condition in you. All you have to do is avoid the things that cause sleep talking.

Try to reduce your anxiety and stress level. Doing regular exercise will help you with this. Avoid drinking alcohol and schedule your sleep at a regular time. But we can’t control fever.

So try your best to stop sleep talking. If you do all things and still have sleep talking, don’t feel sad about it. Understand that this is very common to everyone

What causes sleep talking in children?

The main cause of sleep talking in children is genetic. If you have sleep talking history, then your child has more chances of sleep talking.

In other cases, children talk in their sleep because of the dream they see in their sleep. If they wonder or are worried about the dream, then they start to talk in sleep.

This is not only talking but also crying and laughing during sleep. These all cause because of the dream they seeing in their sleep.

The Bottom Line

Sleep talking is very common and, you don’t need to be bothered about it. Just take it a thing to enjoy and leave it. If your child has sleep talking it will be stopped when he or she grows up. So you don’t need to take any further treatment for this problem.

If you have any funny moments to share about sleep talking, then post them in the comment section.

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