Sleep and Students Performance at School

Sleep is an important thing not only for students but also for anyone. But it is also important for students. Have you heard that lack of sufficient sleep can significantly affect student’s school performance? So today I am going to tell you about the topic of sleep and student’s performance at school.

How does sleep affect performance in school?

There have been many studies on the extent to which lack of sleep affects students’ school performance. All of them were finally found that lack of proper sleep greatly reduced the school performance of the students. There are many reasons for this.

Sleep is the resting time you give to your body. Imagine your body as a machine. If any machine works for a long time, some time rest is necessary. Your body and mind are like this.

You need to give your body and mind some time to rest after thinking about many things for a long time and being part of many activities.

Proper sleep is the best rest you can give your body and mind. There is a lot to learn for a student. Therefore, a healthy mind is important for them. Only then they will get the concentration to learn things.

Only then they will remember what they have learned.

Sleep deprivation can cause a lot of mental and physical problems for students. As part of this, their school performance is declining. The following are the health problems that students face due to lack of proper sleep.

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Sleep in Class Time
  • Mood Changes


Sleep deprivation is one of the main causes of anxiety. The risk is very high, especially among students. This is because students have to pass a lot of tests. Therefore, anxiety becomes an obstacle for them.

A study of people with anxiety and depression found that the main cause of anxiety was lack of sleep and poor sleep quality. Another study by found that sleep deprivation is a major cause of anxiety.

A study of 493 students between the ages of 8 and 15 in schools in Mumbai found that 10.8% of children showed symptoms of anxiety. That is, 53 out of 493 students have anxiety.

The study also found that 29.6% of these students were able to detect a variety of fears.

The study also addresses the need to solve these types of psychological issues in students. Increased anxiety can also lead to a decrease in student confidence. It will also affect their performance in the exams.

Therefore, anxiety is a problem for students due to a lack of adequate sleep.


Stress is another problem that students experience as a consequence of anxiety. Lack of adequate sleep causes anxiety in students and then turns into stress.

Thus stress significantly reduces the school performance of students.

It also says that being stressed from time to time can greatly affect students’ school performance and achievements. Stress and anxiety in students prevent students from making friends.

Therefore, school becomes a very strange and uncomfortable place for them. So, it will significantly affect their learning.

When proper sleep is decreasing, it increases the production of the cortisol hormone in students. Cortisol is the hormone that makes you anxious and stressed.


Depression is another mental illness that affects students as a result of anxiety and stress. Lack of proper sleep causes anxiety and stress in students and, as a result, it leads to depression in students when they are unable to perform as well as other students.

Depression also destroys students’ energy, motivation, and concentration. Depressed students can never study the subjects properly or remember what they have learned.

Many students even forget to do their assignments and projects because of this.

A study of 984 undergraduate students from 27 different campuses in Nepal found that 35.4% of students had poor sleep quality and depression as a part of it.

Therefore, depression is another psychological problem that affects students by lack of proper sleep.

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Sleep in Class Time

Another problem that students face with not getting enough sleep at night is falling asleep in class. There is no doubt that they fall asleep during the day because they do not sleep at night.

But they also have to attend class during the day.

This will greatly affect their learning. Not only they can’t pay attention to their study classes, but the opinion about them in front of the teachers will be bad.

All this will make them mentally paralyzed and motivate them to go backward in their studies.

Mood Changes

Frequent mood swings are another common problem among students with poor sleep. That is, they can never control their emotions. If they are ready to study, they will soon become lazy and end their studies.

These are all symptoms of mood swings in students.

Mood changes are something that happens to everyone, but a normal person can control them to some extent. But when you do not get the sleep you need, you lose the ability to control your emotions and mood changes.

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Why sleeping is important for students?

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Does lack of sleep affect grades?

Yes, one of the things most students do when it comes to exams is to spend a lot of time studying without sleeping at night. They think that by doing so they will be able to score well in the exams.

But this is never going to happen. This is because sleep deprivation worsens your cognitive abilities.

They think that they have learned by putting in more effort than others. But studies show that what you learn is stored in your brain during your sleep.

Therefore, children who have studied less and slept better at night are more likely to perform well in exams than students who have spent a lot of time studying without sleeping at night.

So, one of the most important things you need to pay attention to along with studying is night sleep. Otherwise, all your efforts and sufferings will be in vain.

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The Bottom Line

Sleep is a very important thing. But many still do not recognize it. Students are at the forefront in this regard. They work hard and learn all the school subjects. However, due to the lack of this important thing, they do not get any result with their efforts. So this is a misconception that students need to change.

Just because you have learned a lot does not mean that you can succeed in exams or do well in school. Your mental and physical health play a major role in it. Therefore, I have written in great detail about how sleep affects students’ school performance. I believe this blog will help you.