Top 6 Proven Ways to Overcome Your Fear

Is it possible for you to eliminate fear from your life? The answer is yes it can but not. You may be wondering why I said yes and no. Today I am going to tell you in detail the reasons for that.

Also, by reading this in its entirety, you will gain a proper understanding of fear and how to manage it. So, let’s get into the topic.

What causes fear?

Fear Face

If you want to deal with fear, the first thing you need to do is understand fear properly. For that, you need to find the cause of the fear(1). Different people have different fears.

Fear comes to you by looking at what is going to happen or what has already happened through its negative aspects

But the root cause of all fears is thought. Fear comes to human minds in two ways.

  • Thinking about a bad thing that happened in your life and fearing that it will still happen in your life in the future.
  • Fear of wondering if bad things will happen in your life in the future or what will happen if that happens.

You can overcome any fear by correcting such thoughts that come to your mind. One question that many ask is how to avoid excessive thinking? But the truth is that you can never stop or avoid thoughts.

Because psychology says that about 40,000 to 65,000 thoughts pass through a human mind in 24 hours. Therefore, it is never possible to avoid thoughts.

Then what can you do? The only thing you can do is control your thoughts. That is, when your thoughts are negative, your thoughts seem to be a problem. But if your thoughts are positive, I assure you you can enjoy your thoughts.

So always try to make your thoughts positive. Then you can find mindfulness and build the dream life you want.

Phycology of fear

The following is the reason for my earlier answer to the question of whether you can eliminate fear from your life.

Fear is an emotion. That is, fear is just another emotion, like joy, laughter, or sadness. It is unusual to not be happy or sad in life. It will come and go in your life. Fear is just like that(2).

Fear is also an essential emotion you need. For example, if you think about something like this, that’s you think a dog is coming to bite you, what will happen if you are a very fearless person.

You can overcome any fear by seeing fear as just a normal emotion

It can attack you and endanger your life. All you have to do is escape and run. For that, you need fear.

That is why I said that it is never possible to eliminate fear from your life. From the example I gave just before, you may understand why I said that.

But you need to avoid unnecessary fears and excessive fears. The best way to learn how to overcome unnecessary fears is to identify how they come to you.

The following are some important ways and circumstances in which unnecessary fears may come to you.

  • Fears that crept into you at a Childhood
  • Fears that society has instilled in you

Fears that crept into you at a Childhood

There must be a reason behind all the fears that haunt your mind. One of the things that many people say is that I do not know why I am overly scared.

But many fears come to you during your childhood. Your parents play an important role in this. Many parents have a way of dissuading their children from being afraid of everything.

No matter what the children are ready to do, they will be deterred from saying things that frighten them. The thought of something going wrong with them is what keeps parents doing this. But what you think is a good thing is a big mistake.

If a child fills his or her mind full of fear, that will affect their entire life. So don’t make them over fearful. Give them courage and tell them courageous stories.

Fears that society has injected in you

Society is the second biggest thing that influences every person worst. This is called social anxiety disorder. The people who fear the most, they always think about society when they are going to make decisions in their life.

They think, what will society think when I make this decision, that decision, etc. This type of thinking makes you fearful. Avoid that completely.

In most cases, the people around you bring back you from your dream and your desires. They will inject fearful thoughts into your mind.

The thought they give goes down to your subconscious mind and, it will always bring back you when you decide to take new challenges in your life. So you need to break this type of thought and break your comfort zone.

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It is a misconception that many people think that I am the only one who has such fear. But that’s completely wrong.

Firstly you need to understand fear is very common and not only you but many people in the world have the problem of excessive fear. So let’s explore the top 7 common fear of humans.

Top 7 Fears Of Human

  1. Fear of spiders
  2. Fear of snakes
  3. Fear of heights
  4. Fear of situations in which escape is difficult.
  5. Fear of dogs
  6. Fear of thunder and lightning
  7. Fear of injections

Fear of spiders : (Arachnophobia)

How to overcome fear

This is one of the common types of fear of humans. Maybe you also have this fear. These kinds of people have extremely fear spiders(3).

Some of them are scared to even hear the name spider. This is called Arachnophobia.

If you are not afraid of spiders then this may seem like a joke to you. But for people with Arachnophobia, spiders are one of the most feared things in the world.

Fear of snakes : (Ophidiophobia)

How to overcome fear

Fear of snakes is a common fear among many people. Of course, you have to be a little bit afraid of the snake. Because a snake is a creature that can threaten your life(4).

But fearing snakes more than necessary is a problem. This is called Ophidiophobia.

Ophidiophobia is a phobia that affects one in 3 people. Therefore, if you are afraid of snakes in an unusual way, you are more likely to have Ophidiophobia.

Fear of heights : (Acrophobia)

How to overcome your fear

Fear of heights is another of man’s greatest fears. Fear of climbing high places and fear of looking down from high places are all symptoms of this(5).

This is called acrophobia. A different fear seen in people with acrophobia is the fear of looking at high places. For example the fear of looking at big mountains.

You can see these kinds of people withdrawing from things and situations where they have to climb heights. Are you one of them? Then you have Acrophobia.

Fear of situations in which escape is difficult : (Agoraphobia)

how to overcome your fear

Agoraphobia is the excessive fear of certain types of situations.
Agoraphobia is caused by excessive thoughts that I am not safe or that I may be in danger. This can be triggered when facing large crowds and so on(6).

It is one type of social anxiety disorder. It may also be triggered when something happens unexpectedly like the death of someone in your family or friends.

Fear of dogs : (Cynophobia)

how to overcome your fear

The dog is one of the animals that most people fear. But the dog is the best pet to raise. Cynophobia is caused by a false idea coming to your subconscious mind that all dogs will harm you. It can be completely cured.

People in this group are almost identical to Arachnophobia and Ophidiophobia. Because all of them are overly afraid of certain animals(7).

Fear of thunder and lightning : (Astraphobia)

how to overcome your fear

I am also afraid of thunder and lightning. But I have limited fear. In some people, thunder and lightning cause excessive fear. This is called Astraphobia(8).

Due to this, the rain itself creates fear in the minds of such people. My mother is one of them. For my mom, thunder and lightning are one of the most frightening things.

Fear of injections : (Trypanophobia)

how to overcome your fear

Trypanophobia is another of the 7 most feared things in humans. As I said about the fear of thunder, I have a victim of fear of injury in my house. They are scared to even see someone else take the injection. In addition, the aunty loses consciousness whenever she takes the injection(9).

If you have this kind of excessive fear of Injection you may have Trypanophobia.

6 Proven Ways To Overcome Your Fear

By now you will have an idea of ​​the different types of fears and the main reasons why they occur. So let me tell you how to control these fears. Here are 5 Proven Ways to overcome excessive fear.

  1. Understand Your Fear
  2. Share Your Feelings
  3. Do Meditation
  4. Read Books
  5. Think Positively
  6. Consult A Therapist

1- Understand Your Fear

how to overcome your fear

If you want to control something, you have to understand it properly. The more you understand a thing, the more you can control it. So the first thing you need to do is learn clearly about your fears and their causes.

You can’t overcome your fears unless you recognize your fears and their causes.

Whatever type of fear you have described above, it all comes itself under certain circumstances and circumstances. You can not overcome or control your fears until you find those reasons.

You can not overcome or control your fears until you find those reasons. Fear is a condition in which you are unable to control your brain properly. The only way to bring your brain under control is to learn more about it. To learn more about your fears.

2- Share Your Feelings

fear recovery

Sharing your feelings is one of the proven ways you can overcome your fears. One of the things that helps reduce the impact of anything is sharing it with someone. The same is true of emotions.

If you are a believer in God, the best way you can do it is to trust in God or share your troubles with God. If you are no longer a believer in God you can share your problems with someone you love the most.

Never hide your worries. You can reduce it by sharing your problems with others.

Sometimes if that person has experienced the fears you have now, he may be able to help you in some way. So if you have any kind of fears bothering your mind then definitely share them with someone. It will help you lots

3- Do Meditation


Meditation is medicine for all kinds of fears. When negative thoughts or frightening thoughts come to you you become nervous and start your flight or fight syndrome activity. In such cases, meditation can help you to control your thoughts and calm your mind.

You can also control your thoughts and emotions by meditating regularly. meditation will lead you to mindfulness. Then you can dominate your thoughts.

Meditation can help you avoid negative thoughts and give positive thoughts instead.

When frightening thoughts come to you, you can watch them peacefully and avoid unnecessary fears and focus your thoughts on what you need.

Try to be very calm for 10 to 20 minutes and free from all other thoughts at least once a day. At first, meditation may seem a bit difficult to you. Don’t forget that everyone is like that. Doing meditation continuously for a week or two will make it much easier for you.

4- Read Books

how to overcome your fear

Reading is something that benefits you a lot. As you increase your knowledge through reading, your life will become happier and more successful. I hope you have gained a lot of new knowledge by reading this blog. As such, you can gain new knowledge by reading a lot of books.

Reading books will increase your knowledge and knowledge will increase your quality of life.

There are many good books available in the market that teach you about your mind, your thoughts, and your fears. Try to read books like that. Below are some good books to help you increase your knowledge.

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I hope the above books will help you a lot. You can buy books from Amazon by clicking on them. So, buy what you can and try to read.

5- Think Positively


It is very difficult to think positively of someone who has a lot of fears in mind. Whatever they think, only the bad and dangerous aspects of it come to their mind. But of course, this is something that can be changed.

If you always want to think positively, the first thing you need to do is choose good friends. Friendships with people who always see everything as positive will make you a positive person.

Negative thoughts give you nothing. Positive thinking open the door to success in your life.

Always try to do good things in life. Make sure you help at least one person a day. This causes the production of a lot of dopamine, the happiness hormone. The happier you are, the less likely you are to have worries and fears.

Likewise, always use positive words in your speech and be careful not to use negative words. If you pay attention to these things in your life then, of course, you can become a positive person and thereby overcome all your fears.

6- Consult A Therapist

Consulting therapist

Therapy is said to be the best way to overcome all kinds of fears. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most helpful therapy. So if you find yourself in a situation where you can not control your fear in any way, you can consult a therapist.

Of course, you will get the best results if you do therapy with the other things mentioned above.

Fear of Fear

Fear of fear is a fear that is very different from all kinds of fear. Such people have no fear of special objects or creatures. But they are afraid of fear. That is, all fears are kind of stupid but one of the most stupid of them is the fear of fear.

These kinds of people are afraid that they will get scared. This is a very interesting one. That is, they are not afraid of anything. But it is also a state of being afraid to think, “Am I scared?” We can change all this through recognition.


A lot of people among us are struggling with fears in many ways. I wrote this blog for such people. I have included in this blog 7 things that people are most afraid of.

So anyone who reads this blog can find some ideas from it. Many people do not understand why they have uncontrollable fear.

So here’s explaining why people are haunted by fear in so many different ways. By recognizing them, you can overcome any of your fears.

Also, I have included in this blog 6 proven ways to help you overcome fear. Now try to find the answer to the 3 questions I am going to ask.

Which of the above 7 types of fears scares you the most?

Of the 6 proven ways to help you overcome fear, which one do you think is most appropriate?

If you think reading this blog has benefited you in any way, will you share it with your loved ones?


What fear means?

Fear is the movement of the mind in the wrong direction. Fear is caused by visualizing something that is going to happen in the future through its bad aspects.

What psychology says about fear?

According to psychology, fear is an emotion that belongs to many of your emotions. Fear is a response your body gives you to protect your body from a dangerous situation.

What is the root of fear?

The root of fear is different for each person. In many cases, the fear is related to an incident that happened in life. So finding the root of fear is something that takes some time to discover. But the main cause of all fears is thoughts.

That is, how you look at or think about a thing. If you are a person who always sees things as positive then you have less fear If you are a person who always sees things as negative then you are more likely to have fear.

What is fear failure?

Fear of failure is the fear of losing in life. Fear of failure is the thought of losing everything, losing my job, or losing my health.

Why do we fear the dark?

People are mainly afraid of the dark because of their thoughts about ghosts. In the movies that people watch, the ghost comes in the dark.

Therefore, it is ingrained in the subconscious mind of a person who watches ghost movies from a very young age. Then when the person sees the darkness, everything comes from the subconscious mind with instructions to be afraid.

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